Intimacy Issues in Marriage… and what do about them!

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Intimacy Issues in Marriage… and what do about them!

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Are you and your spouse struggling with intimacy?

Do you have the level of emotional and physical intimacy that you want in your marriage?

We go deep into intimacy issues how these create marriage challenges and effect spouses and what to do about them.

Comment below with your thoughts, challenges and what you love the most!

If you and your spouse are sleeping in different rooms, There is a big problem. If your are arguing regularly and these turn into more of an ego match where we throw attacks at the character of our parter…….there is a big problem. If we find that one or the other just closes up when confronted with a conflict or disagreement……..there is a big problem.
Too many couples think that time is going to ease the pain and the hurt, That time will rebuild the trust and stop the poor behavior.
In reality what it does is it allows us to get more comfortable in our pain and then we begin to expect the poor behavior because it has now become a habit……sound familiar? We become callus to the hurt and the pain but at the same time we also become less familiar with the good such as Love, happiness, complete trust and the security that comes as a result and, intimacy in it’s most complete form, Mental, spiritual and, physical. So you see, we are lulled into a state of complacency and hoping that all will get better but we are often too prideful to look at the problem for what it is and, equally as important is, where the road leads.
Let us not be lulled any further. If it were a golf swing we wanted to improve, we would hire a coach to help us. If we want to improve the effectiveness of our workouts, we hire a trainer. This is all great!! But why would we take this care for something of lesser importance while our Marriage goes on struggling?
We need to know that it is Okay that we don’t have all the answers, that we struggle with something that we see comes easy to others. This is all okay……..what is not okay is to let is continue that way until our relationship is destroyed…..until our happiness is all but gone along with our self-belief and confidence.
I urge you….don’t wait!!! Address the problems by getting the help you need to first, bring the root issues to light and second, address the roots in a strategic and proven manner If you sense that you are pulling away, GET HELP!!! If you sense that your spouse is pulling away, GET HELP!!!
Don’t wait until your marriage is in the ICU. Act today!!!!
I get that it can be embarrassing and humbling to ask for help….but is it really as hard or as humiliating as telling your children that you’re giving up? That, if they want a good example of how to make marriage work they’ll need to look elsewhere? Is it really as bad as looking at the generations of your posterity and seeing the ripple effect that your failed marriage has had. Take that first step that brings immediate progress and relief because you know that today is the day that momentum is on your side and is now your ally and a great teammate.
If any of this sounds like what is going on in your marriage, take that first step……join us on a free masterclass.

You can register for free at

Come let us help you learn how to use the assets that you have to not only save your marriage but to create a Thriving marriage.

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