6 Ways To Know If You’re Getting The Right Help for Your Marriage

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6 Ways To Know If You’re Getting The Right Help for Your Marriage

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6 Ways To Know If You’re Getting The Right Help for Your Marriage:

Here is what you want to AVOID when seeking help from someone for your marriage:

They talk at you instead of listening to you

They often want to keep you hashing out the past over and over because once you leave, so does their pay check

They do not understand what it takes for real change to occur OR how to make those changes last because they treat a SYMPTOM of the problem and do not address the ROOT.

They are burnt-out, overworked and stressed out themselves and cannot deliver good results for you because they don’t have good results in their own lives. In short, they are not living examples of what they teach.

They often hide behind their certificates and degrees and have a very low success rate. Sadly, 67% of couples that go to marriage counseling still end up getting divorced.

They spend years and years going over the same issues with you and meanwhile, your marriage deteriorates or even ends.


Here’s what you MUST HAVE from the person working to help you save your marriage:

Someone who understands the CORE issues in your marriage and addresses those, not just the symptoms.

Someone who is living proof of what they teach- they walk the walk

Someone who listens to you and when they speak to you it’s like they understand what’s going on even better than you do.

Someone who WANTS you to graduate from their program because this will mean that real and lasting change has occurred in your life. They celebrate the fact that you no longer need them.

Someone who has numerous case studies of successfully saving and improving marriages. Results don’t lie.

Someone who understands the urgency of the situation you are in and wastes no time eliminating the sources of pain in the marriage so that true lasting change can occur and has a proven system of doing so quickly.

The truth is, it doesn’t take years of therapy to save your marriage. It takes a proven, systematic approach that gets right to the root of the issues so true and lasting healing can occur. That is what we do at High Thrive Marriages.

It doesn’t get any easier than today. Schedule a free consultation call with us here: https://www.highthrivecoaching.com/apply/

Talk soon,

Heather Choate

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