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3 Unconventional Truths to Reconnect with Your Spouse!
 Written by Heather Choate

These truths are unconventional and fly in the face of what you may have been told about saving your marriage.
Myth 1: Both partners must be willing to work on the marriage
Truth: One person alone can save their marriage, without their spouse’s initial commitment
Husbands and wives who start pulling away from a marriage do so for one reason, they are looking for something better, some way to feel happy. Whether that something is to immerse themselves in their job or perhaps it’s another relationship or maybe they just want freedom, they’re seeking something out.
What if you knew what that was? What if you knew how to provide that? What if you knew how to deepen your connection, gain back trust and put the pieces back together? The answer is that you would have a real marriage again.
That is exactly what we teach our clients to do, and if you are interested in learning how this applies to your specific situation, the best thing to do would get on a free call with us and learn exactly what you need to move forward and save your marriage. Every marriage is different, which is why we’ve found we’re best able to help people when we speak with them 1-1. If you’re ready to reconnect, then book a free session with us here:
Myth 2: It takes years of therapy to save a marriage
Truth: Transformation in marriage can happen very quickly
90% of change comes in making the decision to do so. Most of us spend the majority of our time thinking about change, wishing for change, analysing the right path to change, “weighing” our options, and “researching” how to change, and actually spend very little time on the change itself. It’s as if we’re “getting ready to get ready.”  
Once a person makes the decision to change, and they have the right tools and process on how to do so, the process of adopting it as a new habit or behavior, happens relatively quickly. We’ve seen marriages on the brink of divorce turn around within just a few weeks.
Conventional wisdom says that you need to hash out problems for years in therapy but the truth is that once you uncover the root of the issue and fix it, the rest of the “symptoms” in the marriage resolve as well.
Myth 3: It’s too late to turn things around
“We’ve gone too far.”
“We can’t turn things around.”
“Too little too late”
“We’re past the point of no return”
“The clock’s run out.”
I could go on. These are some of the erroneous statements we sometimes hear when people come to us wanting to save their marriage and reconnect with their “checked-out” spouse.
Truth: It is never too late, unless you believe it is
The only time it is too late to do something is when you are dead in the ground. Seriously!!! There are tri-athletes that start competing in their 80’s and even 90’s! When did you limit yourself? When did you decide you were God and knew the realm of what is and is not possible.
Everyday, we work with people and witness people who defy the odds. What makes the difference?
Their belief.
If you feel it’s too late to save your marriage, then it is. No one will be able to convince you otherwise and that will become a self-fulfilling prophecy for you.
If you believe it’s not too late and that you want to know you gave everything to reconnecting with your spouse, then it’s possible.
Real story, we’ve even worked with clients who were already divorced, like, papers signed and sealed and even they were able to reconnect with their spouse (ex-spouse) in this case!!!!!
Here’s the real story of one such example in their own words:
“Having gone through a divorce– and two years later—gotten remarried to the same woman, I would stress the power of “possibility. It CAN happen and with High Thrive Marriage’s help, it WILL happen, but you’ve got to participate in the process with an open mind and heart I wish our therapist would have taken this approach– would have saved us $50k and 2 years of our life we can never get back. Just my 2 cents…”
-Mark Mears
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Above all, know that you are worth it. Your marriage is worth it. Reconnection is absolutely possible and it can be yours.
Thrive on,
Heather Choate
High Thrive Coaching

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