PATH Marriage Coaching
Want to know exactly how to Get Your Spouse Back and end divorce/separation/
distance for good?
PATH is a complete marriage restoration coaching program that will help you open up real communication, lessen tension, change the story leading to your spouse leaving/distancing themselves and "buy you 6 months of time" so you can fully restore your marriage.
  • Have the #1 most important aspect to saving your marriage, guidance from an expert who has helped thousands of couples...
  • Accountability and unlimited support to ensure your success...
  • Peace of mind that you are doing what must be done for your marriage
"My marriage is not where it used to be!

I had no idea how to get there on my own.  We already had divorce papers started and spent so much money on the legal fees already.  I realized if I was willing to spend money to end my marriage, why wouldn't I be willing to invest money to save it?

But I didn't know where to start.  I needed the help and direction that Marc and Heather gave me.  

There is a connection so different from the past. There is a gentleness and love between us.

I owe so much to them for all that they've done for our family.

I can't recommend them enough!"
"I'm really just shocked to see how much has changed in such a short amount of time. We wasted over 20 years in counseling!  I wish I'd found Marc & Heather back then!  Their guidance and knowledge has been invaluable to me and our family.

The best part was I could sleep at night knowing I wasn't alone and that they would get us where we needed to be. 

They walked me through each step to reconnect with my wife in the right away. Now, trust is restored and I understand how to both have our needs met.

I'm finally living with peace in my heart."
Kristin, PATH client
August 2017
Darrick, PATH client
July 2018
What's stopping you from completely 
restoring your marriage?

Have you ever seen a couple madly in love even after years of marriage and wanted that for yourself?

But then ...

Your heart sinks because you think "my marriage is barely hanging on as it is."

Or, you spend tons of energy doing what you think are the right things to get your spouse to want to come back to you, only to have them slip further away from you?

Imagine how your life would change if you had the marriage of your dreams? 

Imagine if you had everything you needed to restore trust, and have your spouse want to be with you again?

Imagine knowing how to get them to open up to you, to have a connection again, to reduce tension and restore trust?

How would you sleep at night? 

How would you feel about your example to your children?

How could your marriage look different in 3 months? 

Let's find out ... keep reading below to learn more about our PATH Marriage Coaching program.
Does this sound familiar?
"I'm doing everything I can but my spouse is still pulling away from me and our marriage."

"Trying to save my marriage is emotionally draining, I'm exhausted. This is so hard!"
"I've exhausted all my options with counseling, books and programs. And, every time I try to improve things with my spouse, I get totally overwhelmed."
"Having a good marriage is priority for me, but I have no idea what to do."
"I keep doubting if my marriage can really be saved. I'm afraid we're too far gone. I need a guiding hand from an expert who knows what we need to do."
"We can't afford to wait any longer and realize that we need help ASAP to turn our relationship around."

Any of those thoughts sound familiar to you?

You want to get your spouse back, have security in your marriage and build a steady future for your family.

But doing it alone is overwhelming and ineffective.
Ready to get started? Book your free 45-minute PATH Breakthrough call.
What makes this PATH Marriage Coaching different?
Have you been wishing your marriage were better for a long time now?

You know what I mean ... that nagging feeling deep in your gut that says your relationship can be so much better than it is. But you seem to continue spinning through the same cycles and the problems are only getting worse?

Well guess what ... that's because YOU haven't had the right solutions.

YOU are stuck in your pain because you're focused on the wrong things, over-thinking everything, and you don't have the right relationship tools in place.

YOU are working hard and may even have done counseling or worked with your pastor but you still aren't getting the results you need in your relationship. 

YOU are overwhelmed and not getting your needs met and neither is your spouse, leaving you both feeling frustrated and afraid.

What you need is a plan of action. You need a system to follow so you can feel confident in yourself, in how you communicate with your spouse, and finally solve problems in the right order. 

The PATH Marriage Coaching program is different than therapy of any other self-help because it combines proven step-by-step phases, action and accountability, to get you the results you want.

You'll be coached personally by international marriage experts, Marc Johnston & Heather Choate and you'll finally make progress towards restoring your marriage with a plan, accountability, and actionable feedback. 

And you'll get to connect with other marriage restorers. Through group strategy sessions, you'll learn from the advice our coaches give others in the tribe.
Our Proven PATH Method Steps in Your Program:
  • Step 1- We Open Communication: (Yes, you will finally have open, real communication with your husband/wife!)

  • Step 2- Buy Time: We show you how to encourage your husband/wife to agree to give you 6 months of time to work on the relationship because we’ve proven time and time again that if we can slow down the process of divorce/separation/distance and gain 6 months of time, the opportunity to fully restore the marriage GREATLY INCREASES!

  • Step 3- We Change Their Narrative: We show you how to help your husband/wife change the story that they have created about you and the relationship. This builds hope in them that they can be happy with you again and is a necessary part of the process many other counselors/coaches/pastors, etc. totally miss.

  •  Step 4- With that hope, we are able to Fully Restore The Marriage! We show you how to create healthy boundaries to restore trust, open healthy communication and deepen intimacy and connection ensuring that we solve any problems at their roots for lasting change and happiness for you and your husband/wife both.

How does the PATH Marriage Coaching actually work?
Customized Action Plan
You'll get a customized action plan so you know the exact steps you need to take, and when, to make progress on your unique relationship challenges. 
One-on-One Feedback
You'll have frequent feedback calls with Marc and our coaches where they will review your progress and answer all your questions about your situation, ensuring you progress.
Group Coaching Calls
Get laser focused coaching from Marc & Heather and learn even more as they answer questions from all the relationship restorers who are in the EXPRESS coaching program.
PATH Marriage Coaching Program
Ready to get started? Book your free 45-minute PATH Breakthrough call.

This breakthrough call is to see if you are a good fit for our Premium Coaching program so you can restore your marriage faster than ever. 

If accepted in this Premium Coaching program, you will have the opportunity to be coached by our international marriage experts, Marc Johnston and Heather Choate. This Premium Coaching Service is for those that are committed, resourceful and coachable. It is for those willing to invest to save their marriage (rather than spend tens of thousands of dollars on divorce or separation).
Please complete the application so our coaches can serve you best and make the best use of your time together. Call are done via phone or Zoom Video Conferencing and you will have the option to choose below. Your coach will call you on the one you choose. Please keep your appointment to respect your coaches time. 

This session will get you massive clarity on the root issues in your marriage and how you can reconnect with your spouse quickly. 

We look forward to seeing your marriage thrive!
Step One: Complete Application
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