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Secrets To Creating A Stronger Marriage​

Over the past 12 years, Marc has helped hundreds of clients make real changes in their lives. Now, as one of the founders of High Thrive Coaching, he is able to share some of his secrets to success on a much larger platform. Marc has helped clients save their marriages, improve their communication, overcome addiction, move beyond abusive relationships, and more. Aer a spectacular failure, and nearly losing everything Marc has learned how to use failures in relationships and live as tools to springboard to success.

How To Revive Your Relationship

Marc is a marriage expert and co-founder of High Thrive Coaching. Through failure and losing nearly everything, he has come to recognize failures as a springboard to success. His signature program helps a single spouse to save their marriage on their own.

Quotes to remember:

“Telling a new story and adjusting your narrative is key.”
“The most important skill in a relationship is the ability to repair.”
• It’s the little things that really affect our relationships
• One party may want to exit a relationship because they believe that their needs can be met in a different way
• Figuring out how to meet one another’s needs is very important in a relationship
• Take time every day to consciously choose how you want to feel

What you’ll learn:

• How Marc was let go from his internship program 3 weeks before graduating, with a family to support and thousands in student debt, and how he overcame it
• The two primary downfalls of most relationships
• What the next steps are when one half of a couple no longer wants to be in the relationship
• Why “The One” doesn’t exist
• How to address the possibility of burnout while working with others in mental health
• What Marc’s Morning Formula is to supercharge his day

Keys To A Successful Marriage

They help save marriages where one spouse is checked out of the relationship. Their proven step-by-step system is designed to help you reconnect with your spouse quickly and create the thriving marriage you crave. Whether you need to improve communication, restore trust, deepen intimacy or renew commitment, High Thrive Coaching will help you get there fast and guide you on how to make those changes last.

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Myth of not having enough time for your spouse!

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