Dove and Dragon Radio with host M.L. Ruscsak

Over the past 12 years Marc has helped hundreds of clients make real changes in their lives. Now, as one of the founders of High Thrive Coaching, he is able to share some of his secrets to success on a much larger platform. Marc has helped clients save their marriages, improve their communication, overcome addiction, move beyond abusive relationships, and more. After a spectacular failure, and nearly losing everything Marc has learned how to use failures in relationships and live as tools to springboard to success.

High Thrive Marriage Coaching

Several years ago, we (Marc Johnston and Heather Choate) came together to create a program that would truly transform people’s marriages and lives. They believe marriage is the basic foundation of happiness and fulfillment in life and it is worth every effort to preserve, protect and sustain. They were heartbroken by the state of suffering so many couples go through in their marriages and wanted to make a real, lasting difference.

The ICU for Marriage

Marc Johnston is an international marriage expert with High Thrive Coaching. He and his partner, Heather Choate, have been featured on FOX, Yahoo, First for Women, CBS and have helped thousands of people around the world save their marriage. Considered the ICU for marriages, their method is radically different from traditional counseling and Marc shares some of their secrets in this conversation.

Confidence-Interrupted with Host Carla Ballou

Interview with Confidence Interrupted Hosted by Carla Ballou. She helps develop strategies, serves as a coach, and supports you as you move forward to confidently achieve your personal goals. She works with ambitious professionals who are ready to invest in themselves to overcome challenges and want to start living a life full of purpose.